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The Ice Cream Cone Energy Egg
by Deena Zalkind Spear

with thanks to Marianne Alexander--the original source of this information.

Copyright February 3, 2004 by Deena Zalkind Spear

drawing by Bruce Burgess
General Information

Follow these directions to activate an important and very real energy to support and enrich your life. It will not simply be something you are making up in your mind. While in the very beginning it may seem like imagination, a few minutes of these feelings will act as a catalyst that will create an egg shape of special energies around you that can be life-changing.

The "ice cream cone egg" offers clearing and nourishment to your physical body through your chakras--vortices of energy that feed your body and enable you to live in physical form. The egg also grounds you to the earth so that you are mentally and emotionally clearer and are less of a foreigner walking on Planet Earth. Once the egg is filled, others who drain energy (something visible to those who see energy) will no longer be able to do so from you. This common and unfortunate dynamic can take place within families, at work, or even with friends. While you can still become tired if you "donate" energy to another, the activated and filled egg supports your personal energy and prevents energy suction by those who need to learn to support themselves.

Each person must consciously activate the egg for himself or herself. This is not something that can be done for you by another such as a healer who works with energy. It takes just a minute or two of conscious involvement to begin the filled-egg creation; the rest is accomplished automatically.

Many people who have never felt "etheric" energy before are surprised and delighted to find that they feel this process. When I taught the "ice cream cone egg" to my cleaning ladies, who have no experience with energy healing, they were amazed to notice sensations as the egg was filling. Within an hour they felt much more relaxed and energized. When I saw them a week later, they were thrilled that the effects were still with them. As the months have gone by, they notice the healing has continued.

The time needed to completely fill the egg will vary from person to person. The average time seems to be a few hours, although I have observed it completing in less than an hour, or taking several days.

This egg is also an important vehicle to help our physical bodies through times of tremendous change as we literally move into a higher frequency of existence. Those who follow metaphysics call this a shift to the fourth dimension.

The Activation Process

It is very important that you create each of the steps from the perspective of normal physical sensation. The activation process is not something to be visualized on a mind screen. It is something to be felt as if you were doing something ordinary like washing the dishes. The egg formation is a physical event, not an intellectual one. Some people may find it easier to have this exercise read to them as they follow the steps to activation.

To begin, sit or stand with your feet flat on the floor or ground. Your feet must physically touch the floor during the first few minutes of activation. Rub your feet on the floor and wiggle your toes. Notice the sensations in your feet. Stay with this awareness of your physical feet in the first few minutes of egg activation.

Feel that you are standing on the circumference of the earth. Your little piece of the circumference is a circle approximately four feet wide (you are standing in the center of the circle), which is the top of a cone (without the ice cream for the moment).

See, feel, or know that the other end of the cone--the point--is in the exact center of the planet earth. The point, and about a third of the way up the cone from the point, are embedded in clear boulder-sized irregularly-shaped crystals. Think of the crystals as physical; they contain tremendous energy that is coming into our system of matter.

See, feel, or know that when the energy from the crystals enters the inside of the cone, which is filled with a clear gas, it forms spirals that look like coiled bedsprings. The wide part of each coil faces upward toward your feet. As you look down you can imagine or know that these spirals are spinning clockwise. There are many of them. They are often different sizes and move upward as they spin.

As you stand on the circumference of the earth at the top of your cone, know that there is an egg shape over and around you. The bottom of the egg is your four-foot-wide portion of the circumference of the earth (approximately your peripheral vision as you look down), and the sides of the egg end at the cone on which you are standing. Thus you are completely enclosed within the egg. It looks like you are standing within the outline of an egg-shaped scoop of ice cream resting on top of a cone.

Look down and see or know that there are spinning spirals in the cone, which rise up from the point of your cone in the center of the earth to where your feet are planted on the circumference of the earth. Through the cone and the spirals you are connected to the center of the earth. Feel your physical feet. The combination of velocity, spin, and electromagnetic energy of the coils as they hit where you stand on the circumference of the earth creates a process that causes the egg to slowly fill with a very thick clear liquid. It begins at your feet and very slowly fills the egg from the bottom up.

The liquid is full of moving bubbles that donít touch, like champagne. These bubbles are filled with a thick jelly-like liquid, and each has a short horizontal line in the middle--a nucleus that looks like a hyphen. The bubbles look translucent and opalescent. The jelly in the bubbles is just slightly thinner than the clear viscous fluid that is slowly filling your egg. It is actually the properties of the bubbles that induce the clearing and energizing of the chakras.

As the thick liquid and bubbles begin to fill the egg from the bottom, you may feel a kind of tingling or "fizzy" feeling around your feet. Or you may feel a kind of thickness or cushion. Usually the "fizzy" feeling doesnít last for the entire time it takes to fill the egg, but every personís senses are different. As soon as you notice this feeling, you have started the process. You donít need to continue to feel or imagine it taking place; it will automatically proceed until the egg is filled. (You might enjoy checking in from time to time to notice how far the energy fluid has risen.) Most people do feel something, even if the sensation is subtle. If you feel nothing, you may have activated the egg anyway and simply are not feeling it. If you are not sure, it wonít do any harm to reactivate as often as you like. Be sure to feel it rather than think it.

Most peopleís voices sound deeper and more resonant as the egg fills. Often people become more relaxed, and many report sleeping better afterward. You may also find you are better able to deal with emotional issues than in the past. Many notice they have more energy during the day. The ice cream cone egg is an important support for oneís energy field, and it can be taught to children as well.

Occasionally when someone begins to make the egg for the first time, he or she might notice that suddenly one or both feet and/or legs feel very cold. This is caused by fear and the creation of an unconscious energy block to receiving the support and grounding of the energy egg. (For some it might be a reluctance to fully join the earth and its responsibilities. For one student of mine, whose left foot and leg became cold shortly after egg activation, it was a reluctance to walk forward and embrace her more feminine soft, vulnerable side.) If this sudden cold foot or leg situation happens to you, mentally erase the entire egg and cone immediately. This is important. Wait until a later time when your feet and legs have warmed up and start again. Repeat the process as often as needed until it takes place without resulting in cold feet and legs.

If you are going to get cold feet, you can usually tell within a few minutes and there is time to halt the filling and remake the egg later. The occasional cold foot phenomenon is quick and obvious, even for those unfamiliar with energy work. The mental erasure and repeated reactivation will break through the block.

Occasionally some people feel pressure as the fluid level reaches the head. This is because the energy is clearing the chakras, and if the 6th and 7th chakras (on the forehead and the crown) are not as open as they can healthfully be, the feeling of pressure can result. The head pressure usually passes within 20 minutes, so donít worry. Just relax until the chakras are more clear and open, which happens automatically. This is a gentle process and does not force anything. It is a cleaning and clearing which enables all the chakras to receive needed energy for proper functioning.

You can reactivate your egg as often as you like. You canít overdo. Just repeat the steps of the initial activation process. Remember to do this if you become upset or afraid. Feeling your feet on top of the cone and your connection to the center of the earth will help ground and balance you, which will improve your entire situation.

Those who are chronically tired can benefit when they feel drained if they remember to go through the activation process at least once a day. While the egg is permanent, imagining and feeling the crystals in middle earth, the cone, the spirals, and the thick liquid and bubbles, causes it to "top off" (fill any parts that may need a refill).

For most people the egg activation is a wonderful, relaxing, and energy-enhancing experience. This egg can change your life if you simply remember to take a minute or less to go through the activation steps when you need the extra energy support or grounding. Have a happy lifetime egg!

Copyright February 3, 2004 by Deena Zalkind Spear

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