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All Deena's workshops are currently taught at Singing Woods in Ithaca, New York.

Workshop Descriptions
  • Level 1
    Basic telepathic sound tuning. In this workshop, which is applicable to healers and musicians, Deena teaches how to tune audible and inaudible sound for the ultimate purpose of healing sentient beings as well as musical instruments, events, etc. Hearing the change in musical instrument sound serves as a physical sense cue that the healer is accomplishing a positive shift of vibration on nonphysical levels. When similar techniques are used for humans and animals, the healer has then had previous validation that the method works, provided the recipient chooses to use the energy. The way that Deena works is so different from other modalities which focus from the physical (and those energies surrounding and within the physical body) that she can mix the classes with people who have different levels of experience (including no experience) in healing. Being a musician is not a requirement. Reading Ears of the Angels is important.

  • Level 2
    Using the Hebrew letters for vibrational transformation (sound enhancement and healing).

  • Level 3
    Using Hebrew phrases, labryinths and more for vibrational transformation (sound enhancement and healing).

  • Level 4
    Continued refinement of consciouness and using geometric glyphs for healing.

    There may be additional classes, which will be announced as they are added in years to come.

Special Notes
Class is not appropriate at this time if you are fighting cancer or any other serious illness and are currently debilitated, or if you test positive for hepatitis or any communicable disease such as pneumonia, HIV or AIDS. If you are having a serious challenge yourself (which includes emotional distress such as depression), focus on self-healing until your situation has shifted. This class is for the purpose of training healers and assumes a reasonable state of mental and physical health for the participants.

At this time all workshops are weekend intensives which begin on a Friday night and end on Sunday night. Deena has two dogs who participate in the classes. Class is limited to 15 people as there is much individual work.

If you are interested in taking a workshop, contact Deena by email, and she will forward your letter to the class coordinator who will send you dates, costs, accommodations, etc. Please include your first and last name, phone numbers, email address, profession, and a sentence or two about your interest in energy healing.

A Stitch in the Time-Space Contiuum:
Teaching telepathic sound tuning and healing

From the online edition of International Journal of Healing and Caring
Daniel Benor MD, editor
January 2004

By Deena Zalkind Spear

While working in the 1990s as a professional violin-maker, I swore my clients to secrecy about my unusual abilities. I am able to dramatically alter violin sound without even touching the instrument. I regularly tune musical instruments for professional players around the country over the phone. I was living in the Washington, D.C. area where leaks are a part of the landscape, and I soon found the rumors to be even stranger than my skills. It was time to be public, to write a book and to begin teaching others how to change vibration using only the power of thought.

These skills are not just useful to transform the sound and playability of stringed instruments, they are also powerful tools for healing humans and animals. Because enhancing the sound of violins is audible, it shows the reality of this vibration-altering telepathic work. Working with violins also demonstrates to my students that they have effectively focused their consciousnesses in order to intentionally shift the world that appears to be outside of them.

Over the years I studied everything from Reiki to Brennan Healing Science � graduating from Brennan Healing Science Training in 1997 � but none of these healing modalities change audible sound. However, a hands-off dramatic acoustical shift in a violin brought about by using only the heart and mind offers immediate evidence that telepathic energy healing is real and that similar effects on people and animals are possible. It also supports claims for the effectiveness of healing at a distance

I now offer workshops to teach others these skills, with an eye toward increasing people's understanding of health and illness. My students observe for themselves that thought transforms physical reality and that space (distance) does not exist when working in these dimensions of telepathic healing. Most of my students are not musicians and they do not have a well-developed sense of sound discrimination, however they find they can hear the changes of violin sound as they learn these "tuning" skills in class.

I begin the class by showing students how to alter resonance and frequency while tapping a simple bowl. The students next work on each other to modify the tap pitches of various body parts. By the first afternoon they are ready to learn how to telepathically create more beauty of sound in violins, which they never physically touch, but hear others play after each tuning pass.

By the second day, I introduce those students who are grounded enough (their energy distributed throughout their body and connected to the earth) to using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These are keys into vibrations that create and alter physical matter. Use of these energies can greatly enhance the effects of telepathic healing and tuning. This is a topic I cover in much greater depth in the Level II class, which is taught on a different weekend some months following the Level I class.

Teaching "Regular" People

In the beginning, my classes were filled with musicians, graphics artists, government lawyers, and the like. I was able to teach them to ground for the psychic work without much hair-pulling (theirs or mine). Most seemed to pick up the basic telepathic tuning skills in a weekend of intensive work, even though these abilities are not ones that most would have considered possible. (No wonder "The Twilight Zone" was my favorite TV show when growing up!)

I always include two violinists in each class and a number of violins so my students can hear that they are actually changing the sound of the instruments and it isn't just wishful thinking. My first class, many of whom had no background in any kind of healing work, physical or energetic, came for a second weekend and we got deeper into ways of working to mentally change audible and inaudible vibration.

Once a student learns to be fully in his or her body and not just concentrated on thinking and analyzing, it is possible to teach the next step: to have some control of one's own consciousness and how it can be used to change vibration.

My first Level II class departed after an intensive and fun weekend and the class members stayed in touch with each other by e-mail. Within two weeks, working as a group, they fixed two broken wrists. Both healings took place within three hours of the original e-mailed request.

The first was a young woman who had served as the graphics designer for my book Ears of the Angels, and who also had completed that level II class. She had been straining to cut a thick tree branch with the wrong tool when suddenly she heard a crack. The pain let her know the source of the cracking sound - it was not the wood. A bone in her wrist was clearly out of place and she could not move the damaged joint in any direction. Her chiropractor examined the sorry limb. He insisted it was broken and that she needed to get an x-ray immediately. Instead, she e-mailed her class. Three hours later, she was able to move her wrist normally and with no pain. Her chiropractor was very surprised but still concerned and urged her to go for an x-ray. However, she felt healed and returned to her life as usual. Well, maybe a little less usual. Anyway, her wrist is still doing fine.

A week later the same chiropractor received a call to pick up his son from school. According to the school authorities his son's wrist had just been broken. The chiropractor delayed going for the x-ray of what again appeared to be a broken wrist. Instead, he called my graphics friend who immediately emailed her classmates. Three hours after the e-mail was sent out, the boy's wrist regained its range of motion and the pain had evaporated. The chiropractor didn't take his son in for an x-ray even though he had been so adamant that his injured client should get one.

Teaching Differently Able Adults: Physicians

Eventually, courtesy of an article about my work by Dr. Christiane Northrup in her Health Wisdom for Women newsletter, and another by Swaha Devi in Body and Soul magazine, I began to attract MDs to my classes.

The doctors reminded me that once upon a time I too experienced my life through the filter of my very analytical brain. I too had not appeared a natural talent for the sort of work I do now. I had been a science kid, winning a trip with my immunology project to a National Science Fair while in high school. I was later a pre-med student and majored in neurobiology at Cornell. Rearranging my consciousness was not an overnight job. In fact I used to call myself a "psychic brick." And now, too many years and carbs later, part of what I hope to do is show that the telepathic tuning and healing abilities are real, and teachable � even to doctors � and could greatly expand medical knowledge and treatment options.

The first MD to attend one of my classes was a psychiatrist. That was no problem. He was easy to work with, was well grounded, and had a flexible consciousness. He was as good as one of my very gifted students who introduced herself as "just a stinkin' hair dresser." Our lady of the tresses thought she pretty much was performing therapy work for her clients, so she might as well study healing. From what I have observed, it was an excellent choice.

More psychiatrists attended. So far so good. But then came the MD clinical practitioners who were focused on curing the body. They were wonderful, lovely, gifted and dedicated doctors for whom my class was somewhat of a shock. One wrote to me later that she thought she had "seen and dealt with most anything" . . . until my class. Although she had studied matters of the spirit, she was very much focused on what was needed physically to heal her patients. To teach her to change sound on a violin across the room took a bit more work on my part than usual. Her medical training and her clinical hands-on experience in some ways seemed counterproductive to the shifting of consciousness for telepathic tuning. She and the other "body" practitioners were used to being the final authority on matters of life and death. Their approach was stitch this, vaccinate that, remove the other � with enormous responsibility resting on their shoulders. Interestingly, they did not have the kind of grounding needed for the telepathic work. It took some effort on all our parts until they were able to reach the required state.

One of my students, a professional violinist, made an interesting point. When I mentioned I noticed that it is easier to initially teach musicians this telepathic work than MD clinical practitioners, her comment was, "Musicians are used to dealing with the invisible." And perhaps psychiatrists are also used to dealing more with the invisible, making them more like the musicians; Maybe this is also true for the lawyers, graphic artists, and hair dressers.

Of course I am making a sweeping generalization, which at best cannot be applied to all cases. Besides, there are many doctors who are musicians. I myself am neither doctor nor musician. I am, or rather was, a violin-maker - possibly the worst case of all for learning this work as violin-makers tend to be embedded both in what they believe to be 300 years of "sacred" tradition and in making physical changes to wooden parts in tenths of a millimeter.

To illustrate my point: a psychiatrist who had attended my class brought her beautiful-sounding telepathically-adjusted fiddle to a stringed instrument shop for some physical repairs. She wrote to me: "I explained what I'd studied with you and who you are and what you do. �You believe in that stuff?' the violin maker asked, the moment he understood what I was saying. Then he instantly added (before I had a chance to answer): �Well, you're a psychiatrist, so of course you do!' (and waited for no response from me on either count)."

Perhaps it is a good thing to have come from the worst case myself. If I can do this work, there is hope for everyone else. So far everyone attending a weekend intensive has left with some telepathic sound tuning abilities.

In defense of my sweeping generalization about the extra energy and effort it seems to take in the beginning to train physically-focused MD practitioners in telepathic tuning, I have to wonder if this phenomenon is related to the statistics on "physicians who fly." Their records are the worst in the annals of the history of flying. Doctors who pilot their own private planes apparently have more crashes than any other group. (This is not the sort of grounding that is useful!) Could it be that having the final authority on life, death, and health in our culture creates that "I can and have dealt with most anything" perspective � a view that in turn makes it harder to focus on flying, either mentally through states of consciousness or physically in an airplane? I don't know.

I do know that it is very important to train doctors who are open to this work. The psychiatrists and body-focused MDs who have studied telepathic sound tuning are noticing changes for the better in their practices. For example, one doctor who had completed my Level I course wrote that her tune-ups created a noticeable difference in every aspect of her practice. She was tuning the session of each patient even before the appointment started. She realized that she could feel whether the energy was going to be accepted or not. If the energy was accepted, the procedure � such as a shot of local anesthetic � went quickly and easily with little or no pain. Back pain, skin problems (such as poison ivy), and lacerations all healed much more quickly than in her previous experience. She injected one ganglion (lump on a tendon) with medicine and it disappeared between Friday and Monday. She had never seen one vanish so quickly. She also mentioned that 6 patients whose corneas had "pieces of metal blown into and stuck on the corneas" of their eyes visited her office in the space of three days, which is not a usual occurrence. Even more unusual was that instead of referring them to the ophthalmologist, she tuned the appointments and was able to quickly and easily remove the metal shards in five of the six cases. (The sixth case she referred to an eye specialist.) An exam the day after her procedures showed no visible abrasion or injury in the eyes of any of the five cases.

A psychiatrist who had completed Level I of my classes emailed me, "I often tune when I can't intervene any other way, or when I haven't been able to make a difference using a more conventional approach. I've seen some very positive results and have been told about others." One case she mentioned specifically was of a mother who was having parenting issues with her young daughter. This is a patient who had worked intensively in treatment for a number of years on various issues. Treatment had included psychotherapy, medications, complementary supplements, herbs, and spiritual work. When the psychiatrist realized that the problem involved in this particular issue stemmed from the patient's own childhood (when the patient was the same age as her daughter now was), the psychiatrist "tuned" the energy of the woman at the childhood age of her daughter. The problem with her present time daughter was immediately resolved.

Perhaps even more important than the individual healings is the understanding that is gained by observing or learning this work. Each of us has far more power than we realize to help ourselves and others as we go more deeply into how each of us creates and changes our reality with thought.

Finally, I do not wish to be too hard on the poor doctors, especially those open enough to attend my courses. By the Level II class, all the doctors (so far) have integrated the grounding and flexibility of consciousness and are doing every bit as well as my "regular" students. I am heartened that perhaps we really will make a significant change in the practice of medicine and the understanding of what lies beneath illness and health from a much greater perspective.

After thirty years as a violin-maker, I feel confident in saying that some of the violin-makers organizations make the American Medical Association look positively New Age. I have yet to have a single violin-maker attend my course!  

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