Singing Woods

Tuning in to Healing
by Deena Zalkind Spear

From the May/June issue of The Healing Path

After twenty-five years as a violin maker, I discovered I could adjust sound without any tools. I soon learned I didn't need to touch the instrument either. Actually I didn't need to be in the same building or the same state and eventually began to routinely adjust clients' instruments over the telephone. While this became "another day at the office" for me, I realized that this was not the case even for professional energy healers. So I wrote Ears of the Angels to describe my not-particularlygraceful journey from respected (or at least we thought so) violin maker (my husband and I worked with high level musicians) to I'm not sure what (fruit loop perchance?) acoustical healer. As my husband said to me when the book was nearing publication, "You owe me big time." Actually he said that to me again today. And tonight.

The thing about being able to hear and feel in clear definable terms the unmistakable change in sound and playability of a violin, viola, or cello lends new credence to the reality of energy healing. When one offers healing energy to a sentient being, that pesky free will thing is always a factor, and no matter how gifted the healer, not everyone gets well. While a violin is affected by the energy field of its player, at least it does not have forgiveness and guilt issues that it has been harboring since it was a plank of too-expensive European air-dried wood on someone's work bench.

From the violins, I learned what my energy field was doing, as I successfully, or otherwise, tuned each instrument's silent energy vibrations and then listened to the played audible sounds to learn what I had wrought, so to speak. I repeated these procedures over and over again until my musician friends began needing to wash their hair, or their dogs, or their Tupperware, or do anything but come to our house and play one more note as I tinkered with their violins from across the room.

Eventually I began to use the same sort of tuning skills for humans and animals, whose energy fields pretty much have a similar "sound-feel" to me — it's a matter of tuning vibration. For the most part, my practice has been long distance, fulfilling my life-long ambition not to be required to look presentable or pick up my house on a daily basis. Also, when I began my professional healing practice I lived in Maryland in the DC area and the thought of pouring clients into their cars and watching them head toward the Washington Beltway after their healing sessions seemed rather counterproductive if not potentially perilous.

"...some particularly dramatic healing cases have occurred when I assisted in changing the vibration of a toxin to something that was more in harmony with the body."

While this sort of sound tuning applies to anything, some particularly dramatic healing cases have occurred when I assisted in changing the vibration of a toxin to something that was more in harmony with the body. For example one case history in my book concerned a lady who became poisoned from Dursban, an ingredient in a cat flea powder, which she had used briefly on her feline friend. (Dursban has now been banned.) The result of the exposure to this neurotoxic pesticide was 4 years of seizures, one so severe it led to hospitalization. At the time, the doctors didn't know what was causing the vertigo and seizures. In desperation, the lady called a gifted intuitive and the intuitive was able to pinpoint the cause and then referred her to me for a detox healing. When I first tuned in, the vibration of the pesticide in her body sounded like noise. When I was finished, the vibration, to my perception, had changed to the feeling of an instrument in tune with itself. That was several years ago and my client has not had a seizure since.

Another poisoning from the same pesticide occurred when a newborn child was brought into a house in which the basement had just been treated for termites. Again it was Dursban. Unfortunately, it was 12 years before this information came to light. As the child grew up in the house, he became increasingly more chemically sensitive and exhibited various behavior and developmental problems. His distressed mother began taking her child to doctors who gave him various drugs that seemingly made the situation even worse. When the mother inquired as to whether the drugs could be increasing the problem, none of the practitioners could imagine that. The mother even tried contacting the drug company but was brushed off. It reminded me of an episode on The Practice.

Eventually the mother was referred to me by an intuitive specializing in past life readings. The reader saw no past life reason for the child's difficulties and had the impression I might be able to help. The clue that helped me figure out and track the problem back to Dursban was the mother's mention that their now-deceased dog had developed neurological symptoms (and later I learned that their bird had as well.). This didn't seem like a coincidence to me and further more I felt that I recognized similar symptoms in several previous healing cases involving both people and dogs. Eventually, as a part of my own research, I called the exterminating firm and confirmed the timing and the chemical from some twelve years earlier.

I spent about an hour detoxing this child— long distance and not on the phone. There was an almost immediate improvement and then a gradual but very significant step-by-step progress ever since. The young man was able to switch from the school for behavioral problems and enter a school to help him catch up with his schoolwork. While I still give him an occasional quick "tune-up," he has continued to improve and no longer needs or takes any medication. A more detailed version of this case is offered in my book, including a description of the events from the mother's point of view.

"These same "detoxing" skills can be used ahead of time to change the vibration of medical anesthesia or chemotherapy to help the medications to be more in harmony with the body while still doing what it is designed to do."

These same "detoxing" skills can be used ahead of time to change the vibration of medical anesthesia or chemotherapy to help the medications to be more in harmony with the body while still doing what it is designed to do. For years I performed these detox procedures after the chemicals had been administered. As my skills have evolved, I now make a sort of energy harmony cloud in advance of the medical procedures to help lessen toxic side effects of the chemicals as they go into the patient. I routinely long-distance "tune" various allopathic medications and vaccinations so that the unwanted effects are decreased or eliminated. The years of tuning violins long distance taught me that what I was doing wasn't just wishful thinking. The results described by clients have also been my validation. Closer to home, after I started tuning my dog's Yuppee's heartworm prevention pills, he no longer got diarrhea from the medication.

How effective these tuning procedures are depends upon the receptivity of the clients involved. With some chemotherapies we've avoided nausea and hair loss, with others the tuning has been helpful but has not totally eliminated the effects. The intent (conscious and unconscious) of the recipient directs what happens.

I appreciate those healers and intuitives who have assisted my education over the years and am thankful for all those musicians who by now have very clean hair, dogs, and Tupperware. And, I am grateful to the instruments for teaching me how harmony feels on the levels where we must listen with "The Ears of the Angels."

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